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Lets be honest, not everyone can afford to drop a large chunk of cash on a dedicated racecar and has the time to make it to the track on a normal basis. Luckily for us, Codemasters is coming out with GRID 2 and to quote Codemasters and to put it quite simply: Its all about the race. This means we get to experience the journey to the top spot of the podium of a new, ever-evolving world of competitive motorsport from the comfort of our own homes.  So how did Codemasters achieve such an immersive experience?  Read on to find out…


grid 2

Its not just the handpicked selection of iconic cars that represent the best in automotive engineering over the past 40 years, but the TrueFeel™handling system that delivers an easy to pick up, yet challenging control aspect to the cars with NO assists available. Thats right, no electronic systems modulating the brakes or throttle to save you when you make a mistake on the track. This time, its all about your own skill and being able to handle your car at its limits…or suffer the consequences.  Love it or hate it, it really does come down to your own skill and driving ability.

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So what does this have to do with Skullcandy, you ask?  Well, in true Skullcandy fashion, weve partnered with Codemasters to allow our Skullcandy fans to rep the brand in a very unique way. In GRID 2, you can fully customize your cars livery in just about every way possible, including with Skullcandy logos.  For those of you that dont want to put in the work to create your own, you can simply use the Skullcandy Audi TT-RS as seen in the video above.

Keep an eye out this month as we dive deeper into our collab with these guys, including more exclusive coverage and discussions with the developers about the features in the game, highlights about our Skullcandy Gaming racing rig in our office that we use for “testing” (yes, our job is tough) and a cool look at the racing rigs that Codemasters uses to help “test” the game.


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